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The next time I see you I won’t bother wearing underwear. I want you to have a clear vision of my ass.

How would my ass feel on your face? Want to find out?

I want to strip and dance for you so you can’t take your eyes off my ass.

I’ve been naughty. My ass needs spanking.

I’m bored. I want a big strong man to play with my ass.

My ass is lonely, could you bring some lubricant on your way home?

Baby, I just saw this video about anal... Why don’t we try it tonight?

Come sit on my lap and wiggle that ass. Let’s see if you can find the right spot.

I love it when you put your tongue in my ass...

You have the best ass I’ve ever seen. And I’m picturing it right now!

Get your cute ass over here right now!

I love it when you slap my ass. It gets me so hot!

I was just thinking about that round ass of yours, now I want to smack it!

I want to grab your ass cheeks and use them as handles!

I want to take your ass and give it the attention it deserves by grabbing it and spanking it.

I love the feel of your ass in my hands as I squeeze it. Wish I could feel it right now.

I can't wait to get home and feel the curves of your ass under my hand.

Your ass is so great... I want to take it from behind and pleasure you all night.

Your ass is like a long lost treasure, and I'm happy I've found that booty.

I want to take an ice cube and run it down your ass and make you shiver.

Your ass is like the perfect sundae that I would love to eat off of.

I want to lick around the curve of your ass, right under where it meets your thighs.

I was to kiss your ass all over, and up through the middle, then slide inside.

I won’t be satisfied until you fuck me in the ass and make me scream.

Lay me down and show my ass who’s boss. It’s you!

That ass is perfectly spankable. Let me prove it!

Grab my ass and pull me into you. Show me how to do it right.

I have to call in sick today. And your ass is the only cure.

My ass has been doing nothing but sitting. Wanna give me a workout?

Your ass is the perfect size for my hands. Can’t wait to get a handful!

Your ass would make the perfect sundae for me to eat off of.

When I see you in tight pants the only thought I have is taking them off your sexy ass.

The way that set of pants compliments your ass makes me want to spank you hard.

I know what I want for dessert tonight honey: your sexy, plump ass.

I would love to cover your ass in whipped cream and eat it off. It would be a great dessert.

Your ass is so refreshing I want to keep pressing the F5 key right now when I sit at my desk and think of it.

You have a great ass, have you ever tried putting anything in it?

I love a big booty... I think we can make this work...

I want to cup your ass in my hand while kissing you. Would that be ok?

You can do side bends and sit ups, but please don't lose that butt!

Don't be surprised if I start dropping stuff next time I see you, asking you to bend over...

When I close my eyes, I see your ass bouncin up and down, over and over, this has got to stop!

Would you mind if I used your ass as a pillow next time we sleep together?

I've never seen ass like yours, I'm going to be dreaming of those curves for a long time.

Is your ass that tight, or was it the clothes you were wearing making it look so good? Please help me solve the mystery.

Never wear those pants again... Your ass looked so good, now I can't think of anything else!

You have the nicest butt, you can do anything you want to me with an ass like that!

I never knew your ass looked so good. I couldn't believe what I saw, that is really amazing.

Thoughts of your ass in those pants are making me go wild, thanks a lot!

If you see me dancing at the club, please come shake your ass at me!

I want to feel that hard, rigid cock of yours all the way up my virgin ass.

I want you to finger my pussy and butt at the same time and make me see stars when I cum.

My ass isn’t hurting. I need your cock to change that.

I want you to restrain me to the bed and fuck me doggy style both in my pussy and in my butt.

I want you to lick my ass then try to put your finger in nice and slow.

I want you to lube up my ass hole until it gets loose then put your hard cock inside nice and slow then fuck me while I play with myself.

Let's give a dildo a blow job together and then try to put it in my ass.

My legs are thrown apart waiting for you to rock my world with your tongue while you finger my tight ass.

My ass feels good today, but it needs your cock inside it.

I was getting dressed today and imagined you licking my ass while bending over, would you like that?

I've been a bad girl today, I need an ass spanking, and I think I know who should do it...

Ever let a girl sit on your face? I wouldn't mind sitting on your face...

I've got a big booty, if you like that kind of thing... I can see it bouncing up and down on you.

Are you as ass guy? If you are, you are in for a treat when you get to see mine.

Next time I see you, I want you to grab my ass real firm and then tell me later how it felt.

I'm wearing a thong today so you can get a better feel of what my ass is made of!

The one thing I want right now is to stick my rock-hard cock in that asshole of yours and make you scream while I pound you.

Buy some lubrication on your way home tonight, your asshole is going to need it.

We need to work on stretching out that ass hole because I want to shove my cock in there and make you beg for more.

Can I bend you over and stick my dick in your ass if I promise to finger your clit while I am doing it?

Baby tonight I am gonna stretch your pink little ass hole out when I ram my fat hard cock in it.

I want to spit on my cock and ram it up your tight little ass hole.

Your butt looks cute, it would look even better with my cock inside it.

I want to squeeze your ass, pick you up, spin you around while kissing you passionately. How does that sound?