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I want you to moan for me through the phone while playing with your boobs.

Thinking of sucking on your nipples makes me hard.

I don’t like how my boobs look with clothes on. Please come over and rip my shirt off.

Squeezing my nipples softly while thinking of you is getting me wet.

When you get home, I want you to put your mouth on my breasts and suck them all night long.

I want to suck your tits while you play with my balls.

Baby, my legs are shaking, my nipples are tingling and it’s so wet and steamy below in anticipation for you.

Can I just spend an hour with your nipples?

I love sucking on your tits and hearing the sounds you make.

Seeing your nipples through your shirt makes me want to suck them all day.

I love it when you gently twist my nipples between your fingers and kiss my tits.

Your tits are so sexy. I think about them all day!

You have the most beautiful breasts in the universe.

I want to rub ice cubes on your nipples and make them hard.

My boobs have gotten bigger, I would love to have you check them out.

I wish you were here, I would love to let you feel my tits up and let you see how big they are.

I need you to play doctor with me, and I would love for you to do a breast examination on me.

My breasts are very lonely, they need attention from your sexy hands.

I can’t wait to get home and touch those lovely melons of yours...

My little nipples are so soft right now, they need the touch of your hands to make them hard.

I would love to have your mouth on my breasts right now, sucking on them while I worked.

Your breasts look beautiful in any shirt you wear, they look even better when completely exposed.

My breasts are the headlights, lighting the way to the heaven of my love.

Hug me tightly when we make love, so I can feel my breasts against you.

When you’re near me, by breasts actually heave. You leave me breathless.

Follow the bouncing boobs, all the way to orgasm town!

I’d like to climb over the mountains with my fingers and through the valley with my tongue.

I love to see your nipples erect and peaking slightly through your shirt.

I want to undress you when it’s chilly so I can see those nipples rise.

I could dive into that cleavage and swim for days.

I can definitely multitask baby; I can work and suck on your boobs and feel very accomplished.

I would love to lick and suckle every inch of your tits right now as I work, but sadly I cannot.

Your boobs make great pillows for me to rest my head on.

When I watch you work out I wish I was the sweat on your boobs so I can see them all the time.

I love watching the little jiggle of your boobs as you run.

I want to spread some hot fudge on your breasts and lick them clean.

I would love to do things to your boobs that you would’ve never expected to be done ever.

Your boobs in that shirt look like perfect mountains just waiting to be explored.

I want to rub my boobs all over your face, and then watch you shoot your tasty juices all over me.

I want you to milk me like farmers milk cows, you better come over hungry!

With no bra and sex starved, my nipples began to betray my thoughts. When will you make these thoughts a reality?

Will you suck my tits all night long tonight? I would really like that.

I want you to play with my tits so much and twist them so hard that they lactate from the pleasure I feel.

I can't wait for you to get home from work, my nipples are lactating for you!

Maybe I will let you suck my nipples tonight, if you are a good boy today.

My nipples are tingling because I am thinking about you sucking on them.

Maybe you can put your dick on my nipples and lick up whatever comes out? That is only fair...

I want you to massage my breasts then suck my nipples tonight before we go to sleep.

My tits are hungry for your mouth and they’re sticking out straight and just waiting for you to latch onto them.

Have you stopped thinking about my sweet tits today? If you forgot, I will refresh your memory.

My nipples need their favorite person to latch onto them and pleasure them.

I am going to slather your tits with lube and tit fuck you while fingering your clit. Be ready.

Just wanted you to know, I love your tits and I want to cum all over them tonight if that's ok with you.

I love how your tits bounce when you are riding on my cock. I could cum now just thinking about those sweet bouncy breasts.

Can I suck on your nipples tonight? I will do it as long and hard or soft as you want...

I like it when your on top because then I can see your beautiful tits bouncy while I am fucking you.

Shivers take control of your body as I lightly trace your nipples with the tip of my tongue... babes, I’m just reminiscing...

The thought of your breasts touching mine gets my throbbing dick excited and wanting you even more.

You have the best tits I have ever seen. Your nipples are perfect I just want to suck on them all day long...

I want to just take that little shirt of yours off and play with those erect and hungry tits of yours next time I see you...

I can barely focus at work because your boobs keep flashing in my head. Making me want more tonight.

I'm home thinking of you, and all I can think of is your beautiful boobs bouncing. Please come home soon!

Your tits looked so good in that shirt today, I almost came in my pants just looking at them.