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Imagine what it will feel like when I wrap my arms around you tonight...

Just thinking about you and me in this bed makes me go crazy.

You have just been moved to the top of my To Do list.

I will be heading outside for a little romance. Care to join me?

Hey do you know what I’d love right now? You!

I want to play with your head, and not the one where your brain is.

I can’t wait for you to scoop me up in those big, strong arms!

I was just looking at your picture and imagining a version of it with you naked.

I can't wait to get home and lick you like an ice cream.

I’d like to send you my RSVP... Request for Sex that’s Very Pleasing!

I love to wear sexy outfits for you...

When you get home, I’m going to give you a full body massage and end with what you like best.

You're my favorite drug and I can't get enough of you.

The sun came up and I was thinking of you. When the sun goes down, I want to show you what I was thinking.

Tonight I will be your strange planet and you will be the astronaut. Explore me!

When I’m in your arms, I feel sexy and alive. Don’t ever let me go.

I want you to put me on the kitchen counter and lets kiss and caress each other till we are both heated.

You're like my favorite dessert, I can't get enough of your taste.

I want to put your fingers in my mouth and slowly suck them while looking into your eyes.

I got a new headboard today, maybe we should try things out?

Your kisses are like whiskey, they get me drunk.

I have dinner ready for you and a special little outfit I cooked it in. I assure you it leaves little to your imagination.

I heard if you can tie a knot with a cherry stem you're a good kisser. Want to test that theory?

I'm not wearing any panties right now. Who knows maybe you'll get a peek when you get home.

I want to lick every inch of you like a lollipop and hear your little moans.

I bought some new panties. I'm sure you love them both on and off me.

Are you a piece of chocolate? Cause baby you are completely sweet.

You looked really good in that dress. I can't wait to slip it off.

I’m your teddy bear. Show me how you give teddy some love.

I have an hour for lunch. Want to join me for an orgasm sandwich?

Call me. I have some heavy breathing to do in your ear.

I am sitting here dreaming of all the places you can put your hands.

I’m your genie. Grant three wishes and I will do as you say. Your wish is my command.

I hear the planets are aligned. They’re perfect for lovemaking!

I’m hot and sweaty from working out. Wanna be my next exercise?

I got a fortune that reads: You will have all your desires fulfilled. And I desire you!

Let’s pretend I’m the artist and you’re sitting for a portrait. I’ll need to stare at your naked body for hours.

I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. I know I can make it up to you, and you’ll feel REAL good.

I feel the heat from between my thighs. I must have you now!

I love lollipops! Got one for me to suck?

It’s so lonely here at home, I’m sure if you were here we could get under the sheets and spice things up.

Your butt in yoga pants makes me want to do a downward dog to examine it.

I have a surprise for you tonight baby, and it’s in my pants waiting.

I feel sick, maybe you can give me a full diagnosis with your hands?

That tight shirt makes your already amazing body even better.

Whenever I see you bite your lip I wish it was my own teeth against it.

When I see you tonight I am going to give you a ton of hugs and kisses among other things as well.

I love it when you cross your legs, but I love them spread even better.

That dress you had on made your legs look delicious.

I bought some new lip gloss today, I hope you like the taste of it.

I hate having my boss do inspections. I wish you were the one inspecting me instead.

I have some ice cream on me, I wish you could come and lick it up.

I have so many fantasies I want to fulfill, and they all include you.

I have a present for you when you get home, and it’s in your room.

I can’t wait to greet you at the door with a sexy little surprise for you.

These jeans are so hard to get off, I wish you were here to help me.

I would love to take your breath away, and I would love to do it with my mouth.

I want you to tell me all the dirty things you think about when you are masturbating...

I like hearing the sounds you make when we are having sex, next time I hope you are even louder.

If there were not so many people around I would take you right now, right here.

I can’t wait for tonight when we have some alone time...

I will be your motivation in every way and I will take you to higher places you’ve never been to.

There are so many things I could be doing right now, but you are my number one idea.

I am touching myself right now and I thinking of you naked, what are you doing?

Let’s have a fight because I love having make-up sex with you.

I love all the wonderful things you can do with your tongue, maybe you can train mine to do the same?

I have been bad today, I might need a spanking.

I wanna go to a movie this weekend and then after we go park somewhere private for awhile.

How about a nice romantic dinner and then we go to bed early?

Can we stay in tonight and eat off each other?

Dreaming about you last night and it was so hot!

I am using my left hand to send this text and my right hand to rub my...

Freeze you are under arrest, you have the rights to remain sexy, anything you say will be used against you in the bedroom.

Lying in bed with thoughts of caressing that luscious mouth of yours has subtle tremors going through my body.

You are Beautiful. Beauty is such a pale word to describe what you are to me. Like saying winter is cold and sunlight is pleasant.

I want to be your little minx forever, come on over so we can conquer the universe together.

Our night went went so good, you were a lock made only for my key, am I only dreaming or can this be a reality?

I’ve been naughty, maybe you should strip me naked and push me up against the wall and give me my punishment.

I want to take cherries, put them in a line up along your body, and eat them off you.

I just want to slowly undress your body and see it lay in front of me.

I want to just pin you on the bed and have my way with you.

I want to play some hardcore naked Twister with you right now.

I was late to work. I was a naughty. I deserve a punishment.

I have a surprise for you, and I’m sure you’ll love it.

I may not be an expert in this, but I think that shirt looks better off you.

I need a shower, but I need it naked and with you.

These sheets would be better with you rolling around in them with me.

There is a place where your lips need to be and that’s on mine.

These dishes would be more fun naked with you but I don’t think we’d get them done.

The one thing I wish I could do to you is strip you naked and kiss you under the stars.

I’m just driving, wish you were here to play with me and keep me alert.

I am at work but the only work I want is to satisfy you.

I’m trying to get in shape, maybe you can be my personal trainer?

I’m too calm right now, I need you and your mouth to set me on the edge again.

I spilled chocolate sauce all over my neck and it’s spilling down my chest. Maybe you can come be my napkin and clean it up?

The one thing I wish I was doing right now is stroking that lovely body of yours.

My tongue wants to be against yours and touching it softly.

I am horny and ready for some fun. It’s your job to get over here.

I had a naughty dream about you last night. Tonight can you make my dreams come true?

My mouth wants something, and that’s the feel of your lips on mine.

I’ve had a long day, maybe I can have a nice naked massage tonight?

It’s steamy here in the bathroom because I just took a shower. I wish it was steamy for other reasons though.

I want to take your breath away, and I want to do it between the sheets.

Every night before I go to sleep the last thing I think about is your arms around me.

Love is the answer, but while waiting for those answers sex raises some pretty good questions we can solve together.

I need some motivation in my life, maybe your sexy body can be mine?

Every song I hear on the radio makes me think of you and every thing I want to do to you.

Oh good luck today! Remember that I’ll be your number one cheerleader ready to cheer you up in ANY way possible.

I’m out milking the cows right now, I wish I was milking something else though.

I might get a little tipsy and I might want to dance for you. Would it be ok if I did a little strip tease for you baby?

I am going to take a nice steaming hot shower. Think about me naked, wet and soapy.

What outfit would you like me to wear tonight? I want to please you tonight...

Stop at the ATM on your way home and get some singles because I feel like dancing tonight.

I bought new undies and I want to show them to you later.

I am craving something big and meaty and it’s not a hot dog.

Can’t wait to see you later, use up that imagination sugar, guess what color panties I’m wearing? Hint it’s all in the nude.

I just awoke from a lustful dream of you and I, and I would do anything to have you sheathed inside me one more time.

I am a hard worker and I know something just as hard that I would like to have.

The wind is blowing me, but I wish I was blowing something else.

I’m like a storybook princess, but I want to be ruined by that beast within you.

My voice seems fine today. Maybe you can make it hoarse tonight...

Thinking about tonight is making me really wet and super horny.

They had chocolate syrup and whipped cream on sale today so I was thinking of making you eat some off of me.

I’m wearing my favorite panties for you. Come over here and take them off me bad boy...

I’m at work right now and the only things I can think of is you being inside me again...

I am not wearing any underwear today so you can undress me even faster tonight.

Your arms are so soft and sexy. I love the way you wrap them around me.

I want you to strip for me tonight... real slow so I can take in your gorgeous body.

Did I tell you how hot you looked in those jeans yesterday?

Just looked at my desk and for a brief moment an image of you flashed in my mind. I see you laying on my desk with your legs in the air.

Electric sensations shot through me as I grew harder and larger just thinking what you'll be doing to me later.

My office looks so bland, I wish you were the secretary and we could take a quick fifteen minute break to relieve some tensions.